Mirvac Melbourne Office | Mirvac Design

Mirvac Melbourne Office | Mirvac Design | Photographer: Nicole England

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Mirvac Melbourne Office | Mirvac Design

Traditional Land Owners


Interior Architecture
Matthew Sheargold
Nicole England
Project summary

Mirvac’s new Melbourne office provides an opportunity to create a new home for Mirvac in Victoria, one that aligns with Mirvac’s brand and cultural values, whilst also remaining uniquely Melbourne.

With Mirvac’s people firmly in focus, Mirvac Design have created an environment designed to foster stronger connections and encourage engagement and collaboration. The design speaks to all parts of the business – residential, commercial, retail and industrial. This is a home for all of Mirvac.

Forward thinking planning allowed the design team to explore an open, flexible solution for the arrival experience, bringing clients, partners and guests deep into the office, demonstrating a level of transparency to clients and partners.

The palette is warm and sophisticated and aligns with Mirvac’s brand and product. High quality finishes and details balance robust materials found in many Mirvac projects. The office is a physical manifestation of the brand, showcasing the best of Mirvac.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The focus for our new Melbourne office was always around our people. After Melbourne’s long lockdown it was essential to create an environment that not only encouraged them to come in but kept them engaged, connected and inspired. It was also an opportunity to create stronger connections to our national offices, using design as the mechanism to connect and unify.

Equally important was for the office to represent our brand whilst ensuring it would be uniquely Melbourne. Mirvac Design found the perfect balance and created a place that is at once sophisticated, timeless and a true representation of Mirvac.

Project Practice Team

Diana Sarcasmo, Design Architect
Kathy Arnold, Senior Interior Designer
Lisa Reichenberg, Interior Designer
Matthew Sheargold, Design Director

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Compass Engineering, Electrical Consultant
Spectrum Property and Projects, Project Manager

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Mirvac Melbourne Office | Mirvac Design | Photographer: Nicole England

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