Meadows Primary School | Project 12 Architecture

Meadows Primary School | Project 12 Architecture | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Meadows Primary School | Project 12 Architecture

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Educational Architecture
Alchemy Construct
Glenn Hester
Rory Gardiner
Project summary

Located in the suburb of Broadmeadows, the brief was to provide a new classroom building for Meadows Primary School, to accommodate 200 students. The school’s students come from diverse backgrounds, many with English as an Additional Language and a significant number have experienced trauma. As such, a primary focus was to provide rational, calm, and secure spaces, which responded to the specific needs of the students. The building looks to provide a welcoming space for the school and broader community and foster a sense of pride for the school.

The linear gable form of building reflects the domestic character of the surrounding neighbourhood. The material palette is intentionally neutral and robust. Brick walls are articulated by full height, recessive black window bays. Danpalon cladding provides diffuse light to entry areas. Internally, a geometric play of colour acts as a wayfinding device to identify classrooms along the main corridor.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Commendation for Educational Architecture
Shortlist – Educational Architecture
Victorian Jury Citation

At Meadows Primary School, Project 12 Architecture puts the needs of their client first and foremost – providing rational and calm architecture that fosters student academic, social, and emotional requirements. In doing so, they have created a simple and elegant outcome that puts the school’s needs before design ego.

The well-crafted exteriors are balanced with a hard-working internal plan. The corridors quietly delight with playful use of colour and natural light. There is integrity in the approach throughout, and the result is highly commendable.

Victorian Jury Presentation

From the beginning, Project 12 Architecture have taken the time to understand our school context and diverse needs of our students. They have developed their understanding of inclusive education environments and listened respectfully and without judgement to our current and future challenges.

The new build has provided calm, safe, practical, and purposeful learning spaces for our school community. The build has more than delivered on what we set out to achieve. In a short time, students are more engaged, are making better connections with their peers, and educators can better meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.

Project Practice Team

Adam Smith, Graduate of Architecture
Aimee Goodwin, Design Architect
Belle Wang, Project Architect
Estelle Peter, Project Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

APP Group, Project Manager
BRT Consulting Engineers, Services Consultant
OPS Engineers, Structural Engineer
Simon Ellis Landscape Architect, Landscape Consultant

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Meadows Primary School | Project 12 Architecture | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

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