Maitland Administration Centre | Maitland City Council, BVN, PTW and EJE

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Maitland Administration Centre | Maitland City Council, BVN, PTW and EJE

Traditional Land Owners
Wonnarua People

New South Wales



Commercial Architecture
Hansen Yuncken
Ben Guthrie
Project summary

Maitland’s High Street streetscape is characterised by a series of grand buildings. The new Maitland Administration Centre, as a key new civic element reinforces a connection to Maitland’s past. The elevation of the site is an eclectic mix of buildings of different eras, dominated by the 1890 Town Hall. The proposal knits together this mix of buildings through:
• A simple building form that is broken down into vertical elements of contextual relevance
• Making the Administration component a solid, masonry, grounded building that recognises its importance in the civic and cultural life of the community and representing the ideas of permanence and presence
• Use of a masonry screen wrap to address massing and materials, to define the entry and to frame the small public forecourt

The new building seeks to create a dynamic workplace and reinvigorated public facility with a high level of amenity for staff and visitors.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Award for Commercial Architecture
Newcastle Medal
Region Jury Citation

Newcastle Medal (citation)

The Maitland Administration Centre is a masterful testament to the principles of architectural harmony, historical continuity, and functional excellence. It stands as an exceptional addition to the fabric of Maitland, preserving the city’s rich history whilst revitalising the High Street streetscape, skilfully knitting together a diverse ensemble of architectural eras with its block-wide approach.

The jury was impressed by the project’s approach, marked by a graceful simplicity in form, where vertical elements are meticulously designed to resonate with the surrounding context. The deliberate use of masonry as a grounding material bestows the Administration Centre with a sense of permanence, echoing the civic and cultural significance it holds within the community.

The Maitland Administration Centre is a beacon of architectural prowess, redefining the city’s civic identity. The jury wholeheartedly awards it for its exceptional contribution to the built environment and its respect for Maitland’s history and future.


Commercial Architecture Award (citation)

The Maitland Administration Centre is a triumphant embodiment of architectural excellence, seamlessly weaving the past and present to enhance the rich tapestry of Maitland’s urban heritage. Situated within the historical High Street streetscape, the project emerges as a harmonious addition to this vibrant corridor, where historical significance meets modern functionality.

Abundant natural light, public accessibility, and focus on staff wellbeing define the interior spaces, creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for both staff and the community. Moreover, the project successfully reconfigures the site, enhancing pedestrian access and civic amenity, exemplifying a commitment to urban sustainability.

The Maitland Administration Centre stands as a testament to architectural excellence, seamlessly intertwining the past, present, and future of this vibrant urban centre. Its positive, welcoming, and community-oriented design makes it a deserving recipient of this award.

The new facility provides a fit for purpose office space bringing staff under the same roof for the first time in many years.

The Town Hall component, one of the oldest buildings in our city, has seen a lot of change, and these latest updates bring the building into the 21st century.

The facility ultimately belongs to the people of Maitland – it’s a place many of our residents have memories of, and somewhere where we hope memories will continue to be made. The inviting and public nature of the new design supports and reinforces such outcomes.

Maitland Administration Centre | Maitland City Council, BVN, PTW and EJE | Photographer: Ben Guthrie

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