Latrobe Valley Gov Hub | WMK Architecture

Latrobe Valley Gov Hub | WMK Architecture | Photographer: Tatjana Plitt

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Latrobe Valley Gov Hub | WMK Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


Commercial Architecture
Regional Prize (VIC)
Castlerock Property Pty Ltd
Tatjana Plitt
Project summary

WMK Architecture have designed a highly considered new commercial building in Morwell known as the Latrobe Valley Gov Hub. Inspired by the large bucket wheel excavator of the nearby decommissioned Hazelwood coal mine, the architectural expression presents a rhythmic animation of the roof form and elevation. Whether on approach, on the horizon or up close, the experience of the space and materiality imbue a sense of history and connection to place.

A series of spaces work in unison internal and externally providing a highly impactful workspace with generous solar gain and connection to the outdoors. The building is stoic and has a civic presence on Church Street creating an urban hierarchy and sense of destination. The Latrobe Valley Gov Hub has redefined this part of Morwell and breathed new life into this regional city inspiring the renewal and regenerative employment opportunities for a city with such a rich industrial past.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The design of the GovHub office building has provided a window into what is possible when high quality design mixes with dedicated people to create a workplace which is both inspiring and familiar. The building provides a welcoming, light-filled and natural environment where occupants can collaborate or concentrate in different work spaces when required. Every detail was thought about from working with Traditional Owners to create thoughtful art installations through to colour pallets and architecture that reflect it’s surrounding location. We proud to be a part of it.

Project Practice Team

Joel Ciavarella, Project Architect
Nancy Agusto, Project Architect
Steve Tillinger, Design Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Aspect Studios, Landscape Consultant
BG&E Facade Consultants, Facade Engineer
Matter, Structural Engineer
Wrap Engineering, Services Consultant

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Latrobe Valley Gov Hub | WMK Architecture | Photographer: Tatjana Plitt

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