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2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Huntington | SJB

Traditional Land Owners
Awabakal and Worimi Peoples

New South Wales



Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Tom Roe
Project summary

Running parallel to the Hunter River, Huntington at 35 Honeysuckle Drive is a key node in the Newcastle Honeysuckle Precinct urban renewal corridor, evolving the foreshore into a highly connected, mixed-use precinct. Poised to play an important role in enlivening the precinct this new residential development introduces significant retail to the ground plane and 90 apartments above, across two buildings.

The success of the Honeysuckle precinct is intrinsically linked to the connectivity between the city and the water’s edge and its activation. Huntington stitches the old town at the south to the foreshore boulevard through permeability and the introduction of protected, north-facing retail spaces. The material palette also speaks to the site’s differing conditions, with a playful brick façade facing Honeysuckle Drive which opens to the north to capture views and light and reflect the palette of industry across the river.

New South Wales Architecture Awards Accolades
Commendation for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Region Jury Citation

Huntington by SJB earns commendation for its quality contribution to the Honeysuckle foreshore. Its contemporary, low-maintenance design successfully balances private residential needs within a highly visible precinct. The building’s distinct monolithic brick and concrete structure is carved to reveal vertical silo-like brick balconies with playful pink soffits that subtly reference the harbour context. The civic presentation to Honeysuckle Drive, opens to the water with fine grain convex balconies and steel detailing, that engages with the slower pedestrian pace of the foreshore.

Huntington has become a recognisable landmark within the thriving Honeysuckle precinct. This development provided a unique opportunity to be part of the immense transformation that’s occurring along Newcastle’s waterfront.

By incorporating a playful rhythm into its design, Huntington adds a unique character to the skyline and provides a welcome contrast to the flat-topped buildings that dominate the area. Architectural masterpieces like Huntington contribute to the creation of lively urban environments that cater to people from all walks of life and at various scales. By promoting density and activity, they provide a rich and rewarding inner-city experience.

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Huntington | SJB | Photographer: Tom Roe

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