Haberfield Library and Community Rooms | lahznimmo

Haberfield Library and Community Rooms | lahznimmo | Photographer: Brett Boardman

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Haberfield Library and Community Rooms | lahznimmo

Traditional Land Owners
Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora Nation

New South Wales

Patterson Building Group
Brett Boardman
Project summary

Open and engaging to Dalhousie Street, the new Haberfield Centre and Library refurbishment looks to re-establish the library’s community address and reinforce its civic presence.

The original entrance to the historic Haberfield School of Arts has been reinstated and the hall refurbished to create a modern community library. A new street facing Hall sits alongside the library, forming a landscaped courtyard that can be shared between Library and Community Hall functions. The courtyard is secure from the street, providing a safe outdoor place for children attending the library. A lift now ensures that equitable access is provided to all parts of the centre.

The new works do not try to mimic Haberfield’s famous Federation-era architecture, but show respect through the use of warm face brickwork and craft based detailing.

New South Wales Jury Presentation

Haberfield Centre & Library has been transformed from an uninviting, dark and awkward space into an extremely functional, light-filled, and perfectly designed library and community facility that has quickly become one of the most loved spaces in the inner west.

The thoughtful redesign addressed the access issues, is welcoming and provides a range of places / spaces that meet the needs of both individuals and smaller and larger groups by providing privacy yet opportunities for interactions building on the sense of community.

The contemporary addition, with its striking brickwork, adds a contemporary and appropriate addition to the Haberfield streetscape.

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Haberfield Library and Community Rooms | lahznimmo | Photographer: Brett Boardman

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