Fitzroy House | Andrew Child Architect

Fitzroy House | Andrew Child Architect | Photographer: Tom Ross

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Fitzroy House | Andrew Child Architect

Traditional Land Owners


Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Built by Guild (Pty Ltd)
Tom Ross
Project summary

The project involved alterations + additions to a derelict semi attached double storey Victorian terrace in Fitzroy. The finished residence accommodates a family of two adults and a teenager who value their privacy, and it provides for a number of future living and/or working scenarios for the family.

This early inner Melbourne suburb has a myriad of privately created ad-hoc laneways which are remnants from its formative years. One of these, along the entire length of the property’s southern boundary, is used as a design driver to organise and characterise the home’s spaces and heighten a warm, relaxing and playful experience within and around the remaining portion of the original mid-late 19th century house.

The added benefit of dual street frontages provided opportunity for two separate and related buildings which contribute to the evolving character of the suburb and provide living and working flexibility for the family.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Commendation for Residential – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Victorian Jury Citation

The chance for an architect to design their own home is one which offers a unique opportunity to test ideas and hone their craft, and this project provides a robust, subtle, and clever outcome. Every element has been carefully considered, from the appreciation of the local grain and character of Fitzroy to embracing and working with the existing features and quirks of the house.

The design will be able to change and respond to the occupants needs over time. Rooms and uses are adaptable. Joinery elements and storage are carefully planned. Everything has a place, but can shift, subject to the mode of living required. The final outcome makes a highly considered contribution to the neighbourhood at a micro-scale.

Victorian Jury Presentation

This house accommodates all the needs of our family. It generously opens for easy socialising with dozens of guests, can remain intimate for smaller dinner parties or for just us. We all have our own workspaces and can spend time together or apart depending on our needs.

The essential character of the Victorian terrace remains with a lot of the original features embedded in the new parts of the design, like the original street art on its once exterior wall, now a spectacular hallway to enter the home. The house is practical, warmly inviting and beautiful.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Michael Taylor, Heritage Consultant
Mud Office, Landscape Consultant
Perret Simpson, Structural Engineer
Peter Brown Architects, Acoustic Consultant
Steve Watson & Partners, Building Surveyor

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Fitzroy House | Andrew Child Architect | Photographer: Tom Ross

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