Firbank Sandringham Curiosity Centre | Studio Bright

Firbank Sandringham Curiosity Centre | Studio Bright | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Firbank Sandringham Curiosity Centre | Studio Bright

Traditional Land Owners


Small Project Architecture
Notion Group
Rory Gardiner
Project summary

This project enables the establishment of a consolidated STEAM precinct for Firbank Grammar School’s Sandringham Primary School campus. The precinct will bring together classes currently dispersed throughout the campus, including music, art, robotics and food technology.

This modest project aims to achieve more with less by implementing a series of carefully considered interventions to the existing buildings on-site, aiming to improve their overall performance while meeting the project’s tight budgetary constraints. A new canopy structure unifies the previously disparate buildings into a cohesive, identifiable precinct, with increased permeability and improved connections between indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

The project illustrates an approach to sustainability that sees value in the adaptive reuse of redundant building stock, and hopes to inspire the next generation to nurture precious resources. This project fosters a joyful and interactive learning environment that provides students with the skills to confront the climate crisis.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Commendation for Small Project Architecture
Shortlist – Small Project Architecture
Victorian Jury Citation

In an under-loved corner of the Firbank campus, Studio Bright have transformed two utilitarian school buildings into a cohesive, playful STEAM precinct in a few careful and precise moves. The key element is a luminescent blue, origami like canopy structure that unfolds around the buildings, unifying and animating the facades.

Semi-translucent, the canopy has an Escher-like quality, its multiple pitched roofs supplying water to a colonnade of small water tanks via a series of exposed gutters and rain chains. A modest project, the result is a creative and joyful exemplar of adaptive reuse.

Victorian Jury Presentation
Project Practice Team

Amy Tung, Graduate of Architecture
Annie Suratt, Associate
Melissa Bright, Director
Robert McIntyre, Director for Design Realisation
Ryan de Winnaar, Project Architect
Tara Moore, Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Design Guide Consultants, Building Surveyor
ECM Group, Services Consultant
R. Bliem & Associates, Structural and Civil Engineer

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Firbank Sandringham Curiosity Centre | Studio Bright | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

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