Evergreen Community Precinct | Walter Brooke

Evergreen Community Precinct | Walter Brooke | Photographer: Sam Noonan

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Evergreen Community Precinct | Walter Brooke

Traditional Land Owners

South Australia

Interior Architecture
Public Architecture
Kennett Builders
Sam Noonan
Project summary

Nestled within Enfield Memorial Park, the Evergreen Community Precinct embodies the cycle of life through its distinctive circular geometry, symbolizing eternal renewal. Deliberately chosen as the predominant form-making language, it also references the park’s geometric planning.

Designed to cater to funeral and community needs, the precinct offers multipurpose spaces as well as crematoria functions. With a focus on inclusivity, it integrates a play space and café to connect the community with the naturalistic park-like setting.

Embracing refined simplicity, the natural, neutral tonal palette paired with the building’s bold sweeping curves create intimate and dramatic moments, fostering a transcendent atmosphere for all visitors. The circular planning and continuous transparent facade ensure that each internal public space maintains a connection with the landscape.
A gentle ambiance is cultivated through natural tones and limestone accents, evoking the landscape’s tranquillity.

The architects crafted a timeless design harmonizing with Enfield Memorial Park’s origins. The circular building seamlessly integrates into the landscape, beckoning the community. Industry colleagues from around Australia, and even internationally, have visited the Evergreen Community Precinct and believe it to be one of the best facilities they have ever seen. Evergreen redefines cemetery perceptions with hotel like amenities. The café, florist, and nature play space offer inviting experiences amid the park’s lush gardens. Evergreen’s design fulfills the Authorities’ vision of transforming cemetery perceptions, – Michael Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Adelaide Cemeteries.

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