Eternity Life Apartments | k20 Architecture

Eternity Life Apartments | k20 Architecture | Photographer: Peter Bennetts

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Eternity Life Apartments | k20 Architecture

Traditional Land Owners


Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Sustainable Architecture
The Dimity Reed Melbourne Prize (VIC)
Peter Bennetts
Project summary

Eternity Life is a socially inclusive building that is 71% carbon neutral made from Simple Laminated Timber. The design’s inspiration has been taken from its surrounds and its external influences. Situated in Footscray, Melbourne Victoria, the project is adjacent to Stoney Creek, an active waterway leading to Maribyrnong River, we drew inspiration from remnant buildings within the site’s proximity; a nod to the industrial past of Footscray. This idea drove the form and shape of the building, with the gable roof forms and timber cladding.

The site is landscaped to be surrounded by trees. Major inspiration was taken from the existing natural environment including Stoney Creek, native trees and wildlife on the site which created the project concept ‘’in the shade of the tree’’. From this came the concept ‘’nature is eternal’’ and the desire to create a space which captures all three tenses – past, present, and future.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Sustainable Architecture
Victorian Jury Presentation

Eternity Life is a multi-faceted and formidable building, the design story is complex. A number of core design ideas have been interwoven and inspiration has been taken from both its surrounds and external influences.

We aimed to design a precinct that has the sense of eternity and will be in existence forever. In doing so we have created a place that both enhances the connection of residents to the local environment and extends beyond the boundaries of the site to provide a high level of social equity and provides a sanctuary for people in the centre of an urban environment

Project Practice Team

Joy Saikasem, Project Architect
Theodore Kerlidis, Design Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

E Tool, ESD Consultant
Peter Bennetts, Photographer
Theodore Kerlidis, Developer
Wood & Greives, ESD Consultant

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Eternity Life Apartments | k20 Architecture | Photographer: Peter Bennetts

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