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East Toowoomba Renovation | Kin Architects | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

East Toowoomba Renovation | Kin Architects

Traditional Land Owners
Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair people



Darling Downs and West Moreton

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Bryant Brothers Builder
Christopher Frederick Jones
Project summary

East Toowoomba Renovation distils an abundance of ideas into an enriched long-term home for a family of six.

A careful renovation and rear extension to our clients’ humble cottage has retained its charm and street presence, while allowing it to deftly accommodate four kids and two parents who work from home.

The L-shaped extension wraps around the cottage, forming courtyards where the two meet, and houses generous shared spaces that open seamlessly to their garden.

Fairy gardens, ‘rat runs’ and thoughtful kids’ retreats are integrated throughout the home, infusing it with child-centric magic.

Grounded in pragmatism, including meticulously designed workflows and a tailored office for each parent, the design responds to the busyness of our clients’ daily lives – but more importantly, it connects to their beloved landscape, prioritises moments of delight and fosters togetherness for this close-knit, community-minded family.

We feel in touch with the outside world, the seasons, plants, breezes, natural light and wild weather events.

We love how the line is blurred between inside and out, allowing our kids to zig zag between spaces with little constraint.

The home is functionally fantastic for a family of six, or for larger gatherings, yet it still feels like it was designed with individual touches and with relational connection as priority.

KIN are brilliant at translating values into design, and it has left us feeling like the home allows us to cultivate what we care most about for our family.

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East Toowoomba Renovation | Kin Architects | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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