East Street Public Housing | Conrad Gargett

East Street Public Housing | Conrad Gargett | Photographer: Christopher Wardle

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

East Street Public Housing | Conrad Gargett

Traditional Land Owners
Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul people of the Yuggera Nation




Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Bryant Building Contractors
Mitch Bentley
Alanna Jayne McTiernan
Christopher Wardle
Project summary

The 20-apartment project in Ipswich for the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy was part of the department’s ‘Demonstration Project’ program, whose brief was to provide accommodation described as ‘missing middle’ – distinct from high-rise or free-standing suburban housing.

The design responds to the site’s southern aspect, with the apartments arranged around a north facing courtyard. This outdoor space provides privacy from the street whilst fostering a sense of community for the residents. A multipurpose Community Room is provided on the ground floor to engage the streetscape. A community provider currently occupies the multipurpose Ground Floor Community space, providing assistance to some of the residents.

Designed for residents with varying levels of mobility, the apartments contain generous accessible bathrooms and private external terraces. Two of the apartments are fully accessible to wheelchair users.
It sits on an intersection facing significant older buildings; this context is acknowledged in the design.

Project Practice Team

John Martin, Project Architect, Design Stage
Phoebe Thomas, Interiors Assistance
Susan Ellison, Project Lead, Technical & Site
Tony Jemmott, Director in charge, Lead Design Architect

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Anderson Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Services
Ask Consulting Engineers, Acoustic Consultant
Bligh Tanner (Design Stage) ADG Engineers (Delivery Stage), Structural Engineer
Knisco, Certification Services
TTM, Traffic Engineering
VT Consulting, Civil Consultant
WGE, MEP & Fire
Wolter, Landscape Consultant

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East Street Public Housing | Conrad Gargett | Photographer: Christopher Wardle

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