Cremorne Office Building | Hayball

Cremorne Office Building | Hayball | Photographer: Henry Lam

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Cremorne Office Building | Hayball

Traditional Land Owners


Urban Design
Dianna Snape
Henry Lam
Project summary

The new office tower anchors a key corner spot between Cremorne Street and the Monash Freeway, on the former Nylex site overlooking the Yarra River. A powerful architectural expression responsive to the industrial robustness of Cremorne defines the tower’s identity in this new mixed-use precinct.

Its slender, angular form pulls away from the boundary edge on a landscaped laneway to create a heightened pedestrian experience, activated by retail tenancies at ground level. Duality is introduced to the façade, represented by the contrasting aesthetics of the podium and tower.

The heavily modelled red brickwork base reflects a clear grounding in its historic context while its detailed geometry acts as a nod to our digital future. With a strong emphasis on the pedestrian and motorist experience, the building has become a local landmark and has made a significant positive contribution to the public realm and view lines across the Yarra river.

Victorian Jury Presentation

The delivery of the new office building was a great success for developer, Caydon Property Group. This is evident with the well activated public realm and contemporary architecture attracting high calibre tenants to the development. Hayball proposed re-planning the ground floor to achieve a fully active ground floor frontage with a new laneway to the north – and this informed the ground plane connections in the masterplan when we later acquired the entire Maltings Precinct site. This creates a heightened pedestrian experience, activated by retail tenancies and architecturally rich brickwork and shopfront detailing.

Project Practice Team

David Morrison, Design Leader
Kath Forsyth, Architect
Lucas Amon, Architect
Tom Jordan, Project Principal

Project Consultant and Construction Team

G2 Urban Planning, Town Planner
McKenzie Group, Building Surveyor
Morris Access Consulting, DDA
Octave, Acoustic Consultant
Oculus, Landscape Consultant
WSP (formerly Irwin Consulting), Engineer
WSP (formerly Irwin Consulting), ESD Consultant

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Cremorne Office Building | Hayball | Photographer: Dianna Snape

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