Bradbury Park Playscape | Alcorn Middleton

Bradbury Park Playscape | Alcorn Middleton | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

Bradbury Park Playscape | Alcorn Middleton

Traditional Land Owners
Turrbal and Jagera/Yuggera




EmAGN Project Award
Public Architecture
Urban Design
Epoca Constructions
Project summary

Nestled in Brisbane’s Northern Suburbs, Bradbury Park’s Playscape emerges as a vibrant testament to the role of public architecture in fostering inclusivity and invigorating community life with cultural, artistic, and interactive aspects.

Through the concept’s theme of ‘Byways and Hollows’, byways usher visitors into a world of discovery, with hidden alcoves and dynamic structures that mirror the wild’s untamed paths.

Each turn of the playscape’s design unfolds a story, transforming ‘hollows’ into retreats that reflect the homes of lorikeets, alive with lashes of vibrant hues and spirit.

The architectural prowess of the structure, intentionally situated among the ironbark sentinels, honours their grandeur and charred palette, emphasising these natural icons through both materiality and physical form, capturing the resilience and spirit of the Australian landscape.

A beacon of public architecture, this playscape redefines communal play with an innovative and striking presence, weaving artistic and cultural vibrancy into Brisbane’s inner Northern Suburbs.

This playscape builds on Council’s reputation for providing innovative and creative facilities for residents.

It fills a strategic need in our park network, providing residents with high-quality district park facilities in a high growth area.

This playscape has challenged the very essence of what a playground can be and sets a new benchmark for both government and private industry in the provision of innovative play for older children.

Key to its design success is the playscape’s non-prescriptive approach and integration of risk, allowing children to challenge themselves and be the masters of their own play destiny.

Project Practice Team

Joel Alcorn, Design Architect

Chloe Middleton, Project Architect

Giselle Penny, Graduate of Architecture

Luke Petersen, Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Brisbane City Council, Client / Asset Owner

CUSP, Landscape Consultant

Bligh Tanner, Civil Consultant

Bligh Tanner, Structural Engineer

Playworks, Bespoke Play Manufacturer

Play Force, Play Safety Consultant

Webb Australia Group, Electrical Consultant

MRP, Hydraulic Consultant

Warlin Consultants, Structural Steel Detailer

Edgar Stubbersfield, Expert Timber Specialist

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Bradbury Park Playscape | Alcorn Middleton | Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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