Bigger Big Rig | DM2 Architecture

Bigger Big Rig | DM2 Architecture | Photographer: John Wilson Media

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Bigger Big Rig | DM2 Architecture

Traditional Land Owners



Darling Downs and West Moreton

Public Architecture
Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba
Brad Muller
John Wilson Media
Project summary

Bigger Big Rig celebrates the historic EMSCO big rig on display at Roma’s Big Rig park with a new observation tower and treetop walkway The architecture of the tower allows guests to experience and appreciate the bravery of the riggers, as they scale the tower to the same height of the historic rig. The observation platform at the top cantilevers towards the Big Rig and provides visitors unique 360 degree vistas of Roma and the surrounding outback landscape. The tower is designed as a contemporary companion to the historic EMSCO rig, expressing the unique qualities of steel, much like the historic Big Rig, both in terms of the structural efficiency of steel and the inherent lacework aesthetic created by these iconic braced structures.

Since the Bigger Big Rig has opened there have been 17,670 visitors, representing a 65% increase compared to the same 7 months in 2021. Visitation of this level has never been experienced at the Big Rig in its 20 years of operation.
Unexpected benefits have been its popularity with locals, especially those bringing their visiting friends and family. The tower also provides a new exercise activity for those who are looking to push themselves a little harder ‘Running the Rig’.
The exciting prospect is there is still so much unlocked potential for the new tourism experience

Project Practice Team

Brad Muller, Design Architect
Cameron Hills, Graduate of Architecture
Terry Bell, Graduate of Architecture

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Allan Griffith Architect, Water & Theme Park Specialist
Ashburner Francis Engineers, Services Consultant
BCA Certifiers, Building Surveyor
Brandon & Associates, Structural Engineer
Indesign Access, Access Consultant
Omnii, Fire Engineer
Safe Design Australia, Safety in Design
Steele Wrobel, Cost Consultant

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Bigger Big Rig | DM2 Architecture | Photographer: Brad Muller

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