Anvers Wines Cellar Door | Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects

Anvers Wines Cellar Door | Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects | Photographer: David Sievers

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Anvers Wines Cellar Door | Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects

Traditional Land Owners
Traditional Country of the Kaurna people

South Australia

Commercial Architecture
EmAGN Project Award
Stride Construction
David Sievers
Project summary

The development of Anvers Wines Cellar Door, Function Space and Restaurant prompts a newfound connection to the land and history of the site, honouring the significance of the original dairy to the local Kangarilla community.

Adopting the proportions of the original dairy whilst using contemporary materiality, the design is a considered juxtaposition of old and new. The design’s strong internal-external connection celebrates the natural landscape. Sitting high on the uninhibited terrain before it falls away, the building envelopes the outdoor space.

The Anvers Wines Cellar Door Restaurant, Cellar Door and Function space stands proudly within its secluded, serene setting, rests lightly on the natural landscape and celebrates its panoramic views. Anvers Wines Cellar Door provides a sense of place, offering both a high end dining experience, and family-friendly atmosphere.

South Australia Architecture Awards Accolades
Commendation for Commercial Architecture
EmAGN Project Award
South Australia Jury Citation

EmAGN Project 

Anvers Wines Cellar Door demonstrates a carefully considered approach to scale while simultaneously providing a coherent design narrative for an emerging architect-led project.

Working with an existing building, deliberate design moves establish a contemporary response to the site but still forge a meaningful connection to the existing building.

Jacqui Stacey’s work on this project spanned from concept to completion, aligning with her personal journey from student to architectural registration. Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects have empowered an architect at the beginning of her career – with strong mentorship from Scott Meek, also in the EmAGN demographic – and it is clear that this project allowed Jacqui to gain significant experience in project delivery and leadership.

The project achieves an impressive architectural quality through a restrained material palette paired with an emphasis on expressive structural elements. The jury was particularly impressed by the project’s highly responsive adaptation to various changes made on-site during construction.


Intertwined with the existing landscape, this contemporary addition to the Anvers Wines cellar door provides a lift to the identity of the brand, maximising its offerings and increasing patronage. The curated views over Mt Lofty and the estate, seen through the expansive reflective southern-glazed façade, add to the experience.

The client’s vision has been realised within a conservative budget. The design provides flexible and intimate spaces while celebrating a picturesque setting. The contemporary material palette is sympathetic to the context and adjacent cellar door.

The new Cellar Door and Restaurant exceeded our expectations. It offers a first-class facility unlike anything else in the Adelaide Hills region. The response from locals has been overwhelming. Each customer that walks through the door is extremely complimentary of the space. The multi-use nature of the building has allowed us to run our a la carte restaurant; casual, family-friendly dining, as well as hosting functions for up to 200 people. The way the building opens to the lawn makes it feel connected to the gardens, while being suitable for all seasons, allowing us to operate all through the year.

Project Practice Team

Erica, Interior Designer
Jacqui Stacey, Project Architect
Natasha Matulessya, Interior Designer
Scott Meek, Director

Project Consultant and Construction Team

HI Lighting, Lighting
Hills Sustainable Gardens, Landscape Consultant
Metamorphosis Engineering, Civil and Structural
Phil Brunnings & Associates, Planning
Phil Weaver & Associates, Traffic
TMK Engineers, Services Consultant
Trento Fuller, Certifier

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Anvers Wines Cellar Door | Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects | Photographer: David Sievers

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