835 High Street | Carr

835 High Street | Carr | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

835 High Street | Carr

Traditional Land Owners


Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
The Dimity Reed Melbourne Prize (VIC)
Flux Construction
Rory Gardiner
Project summary

835 High Street creates a new benchmark for medium density housing by using core design principles, considered apartment planning and enduring materials.

The distinctive grid pattern was approached in consideration to its contribution to the streetscape. Every horizontal and vertical frame aligns perfectly from the outside over five levels, one atop the other in a linear pattern. These applied repeating elements – similar to music or other forms of art where shape, space, colour and texture are used to induce rhythm – gives a sense of movement on the façade, which is created by using a well-defined and ordered street wall.

The apartment planning process was underpinned by biophilic design principles and the desire to provide each home with axis to external views and ventilation. The resulting ambiance is dramatic. As you enter each apartment and journey through each room, the omnipresent natural light offers a sense of calming expansiveness.

Victorian Architecture Awards Accolades
Shortlist – Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Victorian Jury Presentation

There’s no doubt this building has made a positive contribution to the eclectic streetscape of High Street Armadale and has set a new benchmark for mid-scale multi-residential design. We believe the building will raise the bar and be the catalyst for further high-quality design-driven development in the area and in turn improve the desirability of the suburb as a whole.

Project Practice Team

Alecia O’Neill, Interior Designer
Carla De Francesco, Architect
Chris McCue, Design Architect
Stephen McGarry, Project Lead
Sue Carr, Interior Designer

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Acre, Landscape Consultant and Structural and services engineers
Anna-Wili Highfield, Artist
Floreancig Smith, Building Surveyor
GIW, ESD Consultant
Intrax, Structure and Services engineer
Marshall Day, Acoustic Consultant
PaxPM, Project Manager and Artist commission
Ratio, Traffic and Planning Consultant
Red, Fire Engineer

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835 High Street | Carr | Photographer: Rory Gardiner

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