25 Catalina Drive | Guida Moseley Brown Architects

25 Catalina Drive | Guida Moseley Brown Architects | Photographer: John Gollings

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

25 Catalina Drive | Guida Moseley Brown Architects

Traditional Land Owners

Australian Capital Territory

Commercial Architecture
Construction Control
John Gollings
Project summary

25 Catalina Drive is a large office building located within the Majura business park. It forms a significant new gate way to the Majura shopping precinct whilst giving the existing office precinct a strong identity by bringing together the building precinct into an identifiable and cohesive whole.

Building components are given presence and distinction through the judicious use of external sunscreens, varied and subtle materials palette, changing rhythms, and comprises of 6 generous, fully glazed, open office floor plates that are serviced by 2 lift cores with amenities. On ground level, a prominent entrance awning draws you in from the landscaped forecourt. A light filled atrium with generous tree plantings and feature spiral communication stair create a dynamic focal point while a retail café tenancy spills out into the landscape.

25 Catalina Drive is a significant new office building that creates a gateway for the Majura mixed use precinct.

We identified a vacant site within the Majura Park precinct as having the potential to accommodate a new government office building. A design competition was held, and Guida Mosely Brown Architects (GMB) were successful and subsequently commissioned.

GMB delivered the new government office building which has exceeded our end user’s expectations.

The design makes a sensitive integration of the three earlier buildings in form to the larger commercial office environment. GMB collaborated with the consultant teams to deliver a low carbon, electrified building which has been submitted for certification as 6-Star Greenstar with the Green Building Council of Australia.

Project Practice Team

Damian Roos, Project Architect
Eric Zhou, Project Team
John Guida, Design Partner
Kristin Hamer, Architect
Morgan Roberts, Graduate of Architecture
Paul Mutton, Project Lead Support
Sophia Lee, Project Team

Project Consultant and Construction Team

360 Degree Fire, D&C Fire
ABS Facade, D&C Facade
APlus Plumbing with Plumb Design, Hydraulic Consultant
CCS Group, D&C Mechanical
Envirolinks Design, Landscape Consultant
Forcefield Services, Security Engineering
Freedon Electrical and Communications, D&C Communications
Freedon Electrical and Communications, Electrical Consultant
Northrop, Civil Consultant
Northrop, Structural Engineer
Philip Chun, Airport Building Controller
Rudds, Services Engineering – Electrical, Communications, Mechanical, Fire, Hydraulics
Steve Watson & Partners, Certifier
Surface Design, Façade Engineers
Warrington Fire, Fire Safety Engineer

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25 Catalina Drive | Guida Moseley Brown Architects | Photographer: John Gollings

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