Janine Campbell

In March, as the United Kingdom and Europe were locking down cities, I posted some words about the 1852 cholera epidemic in London that killed over 10,000 people. On that day, COVID-19 related deaths in London were at only 23 cases.

Hank Koning

I hope you are all well and surviving in these most strange times. I am in Santa Monica, a small city in California embraced by Los Angeles. Our studio of 22 have all ‘sheltered at home’ and are working remotely. It’s a challenge.

Natalie Ward

A recent spike in local cases prompted the Singapore Government to introduce a ‘circuit breaker period’ to contain the spread of the virus. From 4 May to June 1, all non-essential workers must telecommute, schools are closed and people are advised to only leave their homes for essential shopping or exercise.

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