Policy and Advocacy Update – VIC


A synopsis of essential highlights from our information page.  In response to member feedback, our Covid-19 update notification will be moving to a dedicated new email for Victorian Chapter member alerts as well as the usual notification of page updates via Twitter and Instagram.

Working from studios

In response to a number of individual member inquiries about working from studios, including providing supervision and support for graduates

  1. Work from home if you can.
  2. In metro Melbourne and restricted areas of regional Victoria, working from a studio is permitted as Authorised Work if it is not possible to work from home on the basis of being part of and/or supporting building and construction services and an Authorised Worker permit is therefore required.

Cross region visits

These are permitted if you are double vaccinated

Visits to occupied residential premises for non-essential works indoors (e.g. renovations)

Currently not permitted. We are aware this is having a big impact not only for initial scoping and measurement visits but the administration of building contract already underway.

We remind members of our Acumen practice notes found and the FAQ note  here.


On 4 August, Jacinta Allan MP (Bendigo East—Leader of the House, Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Minister  for the Suburban Rail Loop)  read the terms of reference for the inquiry as follows: Victorian Legislative Assembly on 4 August 2021.

an inquiry into apartment design standards to the Environment and Planning Standing Committee for consideration and report no later than 30 March 2022 and the committee should consider better apartment design standards, in a global context including, but not limited to, an examination of the:

  1. current apartment living standards in Victoria
  2. improvements that can be made to the livability in apartments and apartment building developments, including communal areas; and
  3. initiatives undertaken by other states or nations that have improved apartment design standards

The Institute Policy and Advocacy Unit is preparing a submission to this wide ranging inquiry with the Victorian Chapter. Two member consultation sessions are being held with representatives of Chapter Council and committees and forums of the Victorian Chapter. A discussion seeking any member’s feedback to inform the Institute submission is open on our Communities platform (accessible via your member log-in) at: Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Apartment Design Standards

Additionally anyone can express their views directly to the Parliament.


We note the appointments that have been made to the Design Excellence Advisory Committee (DEAC):

Bill Krotiris RAIA, Victorian Chapter President, has been appointed as a technical expert to the DEAC and as the Australian Institute of Architects nominee

Karl Fender OAM LFRAIA, Monique Woodward RAIA and Sarah Lyn Rees RAIA Grad.  have been appointed as technical advisors to the DEAC.

Members that have been appointed to the Melbourne Design Review Panel include:

Professor Shane Murray LFRAIA

Adjunct Professor Shelley Penn AM LFRAIA

Vanessa Bird FRAIA