Heritage – a showcase of cultural identity

Heritage provides recognition to the Cities. Talking about Cultural Heritage, the element predominant to almost all heritage sites worldwide is an Arch. Colosseum, Rome to Sydney Opera and Hagia Sophia, Istanbul to Taj Mahal, Agra, all heritage structures adorned with arches. Aligarh Muslim University, India, a heritage institution established in 1875, has more than 70 heritage marvels.

A study conducted on these heritage buildings discovers 20 different types of arches from among the 35 forms of arches found worldwide. This presentation provides a better understanding of cultural heritage and will define the use of arches in them from ancient times. It will also elucidate how the Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University is conserving its heritage structures and is sensitising its end-users with the hands on training programs to adopt the historic materials and construction techniques in their buildings.

Dr Mohammad Farhan Fazli is the Founder of Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India. Dr Fazli is a ‘Visiting Research Fellow’ of Oxford University. His area of specialization is Architectural Conservation and Planning. He is involved in the restoration of the unique cultural heritage of AMU Campus dated back to 18th Century and has done several Conservation & Restoration Projects.

Dr Fazli’s book on ‘Arches’ elaborates the construction of Arches and provides interesting facts about them. Dr Fazli has organized several hands-on training programmes on the development of Arches, domes and vaults. Dr Fazli has delivered various talks on the conservation of heritage buildings at national and international platforms.