Architecture as a Global System Post Pandemic

Join the Institute’s General Manager of Strategic Innovation and Enterprise, Alexia Lidas, as she presents Dr Peter Raisbeck, one of Australia’s leading voices on the future of the architectural profession.

Dr Peter Raisbeck is one of Australia’s leading voices on the future of our profession. Unmistakably COVID-19 has impacted Architectural practices around the Globe. In this Lean In session, Peter explores architecture as a global system, looking at how globalisation has shaped architecture and the degree to which architecture remains a distinct field of knowledge. He also then looks at key aspects of post pandemic recovery and industry regeneration pathways for Australian architectural leaders.

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Dr Peter Raisbeck is a senior lecturer in architectural practice at the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. He is also research director of the ACA. Peter writes a blog called Surviving the Design Studio. His book Architecture as a Global System: Scavengers, Tribes, Warlords and Megafirms was published by Emerald in November 2019. His book, co-authored with Christine Philips, Robin Boyd: Late works will be published by Uro later this year.