Revitalise your brand to get business moving

Whether you’re starting a new practice or you’ve been in business for decades, it’s never been a better time to take a look at your brand with fresh eyes. In today’s market, success is dependent on how well you can adapt your brand to change and get business moving. In this session Amy Edwards from Markedly covers:

  • Why branding is important for the future success of your business
  • How to think about your brand from a whole of business perspective
  • Understanding your audience and how they perceive your brand
  • Creating a strategy that works for the short term while not losing sight of your long term vision
  • How to use the downturn to your advantage
  • Setting goals, measuring and adapting where necessary
  • Why now isn’t the time to wait for your marketing to be perfect.


Amy Edwards founded Markedly – a marketing consultancy exclusive to architects, designers and creatives – after 10+ years in the design industry seeing design studios struggle with finding the time and resources to market their work.

Markedly provides marketing insights, strategies and services – for established design studios to start-ups and individuals – that create impact and add value to a brand through an outsourced marketing service. They give you a clear direction and time back to focus on what you’re good at – being creative.

Markedly’s focus is on helping you to understand your business, define your market, identify your clients and customers to create achievable goals. They then develop a brand strategy and marketing plan which can be managed on your behalf – or self-implemented in house – with regular guidance to stay on track.