When does learning stop? – Season 01 Episode 10

Becoming an architect takes a long time. In Australia, a student has to spend a minimum of five years at university in order to get an architecture degree. During this time, students learn about the design process, the history and theories that have shaped the profession, and practical building techniques. After graduation, it still takes at least two years to get enough experience to become registered.

Despite having all those years of study under their belt, architects need to continue educating themselves in order to keep up with the evolving built environment landscape. Not only do architects have to stay up-to-date with the core areas of competency, but they can also tailor their professional development towards the areas that they specialise in.

With so many elements that architects need to understand from business through to detailing, it’s an ongoing task for architects to keep their knowledge base current.

In this episode of Hearing Architecture, we’ve asked architects from around Australia how they continue to learn and develop their practices in their fast-evolving profession.

This episode features the following guests: Jefa Greenaway, Justin Carrier, Steven Postmus, Damian Madigan, Andrew Maynard, Sue Dugdale, Peter Stutchbury, Yvette Breytenbach, Joe Agius, Amelia Borg, Nicholas Braun, Shaneen Fantin, Belinda Allwood, Dik Jarman, Lee Hillam, and Joe Rees.

The interviews in this episode were produced around Australia by EmAGN committee members: Jamileh Jahangiri, Daniel Hall, Kirsty Volz, Kali Marnane, Chris Morley, Sam McQueeney, Reece Currey, Brad Wetherall, Jess Beaver, Bede Taylor, Rebecca Webster, and Daniel Moore.

The Australian Institute of Architecture production team is Daniela Crawley, Stacey Rodda, Monique Woodward, and Thom McKenzie.

Produced by the Australian Institute of Architects Emerging Architects and Graduates Network (EmAGN), in collaboration with Open Creative Studio.

Written and directed by Daniel Moore.

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