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Dossier – Climate and biodiversity emergency

Architects are, to varying degrees, changing their processes and priorities to create more sustainable designs. But it can be difficult to get clients and others on board. Here, members of the profession explain how they are approaching this issue and discuss the best ways to move the industry forward.

Climate change and the architectural profession

One of the key aspects of elevating the conversation from sustainability to climate change is to shift the thinking from what is feasible to what is necessary to avoid catastrophic changes to the environment.

Designing with Climate in Mind

Understand the built environment global warming impacts and learn how LCA tools are used to achieve reductions in building upfront /embodied carbon at design stage through low carbon material selection.

Ask An Architect Anything about Climate Action

If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of using an architect, here’s your opportunity to demystify the process. With a strong focus on sustainability, our friendly team of registered, highly