Henley Beach House | studio gram

Henley Beach House embodies coastal living at its finest, seamlessly integrating with its surroundings to create a harmonious retreat. Meticulous design invites natural light to fill the interior, emphasising the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The upper level features a serene master bedroom with modern amenities, while the kitchen, dining, and living areas offer spaces for both relaxation and gathering. A courtyard pool enhances the flow between spaces, adaptable to various activities. On the lower ground, two additional bedrooms provide privacy, each with access to private gardens. Quality materials such as timber accents and concrete blocks contribute to the home’s durability and aesthetic appeal. With its blend of modernity and coastal charm, Henley Beach House offers residents a sanctuary to embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Henley Beach.

Fugazzi Basement | studio gram

“You know what a Fugazzi is? Fugazzi, it’s a fake. It’s a hazy, It’s a doozie, It’s fairy dust. It doesn’t exist. It never landed. It is in no matter. It’s not on the elemental chart. It’s not fucking real.”

Descending the stairs into the dimly-lit space, guests are transported to a rich underground lair, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy intertwine. As you take a seat at the bar, you’re consumed by a sense of intrigue, wondering what secrets this hidden basement may hold.

This is a place where reflective surfaces, sleek two-toned timber panelling, marble and geometric tile patterns are layered to evoke a sense of nostalgia that’s both decadent and indulgent, but it’s not real.

Cox Architecture Adelaide Studio | Cox Architecture

Tucked away in the heart of the CBD is 57 Wyatt Street, a COX-designed boutique commercial property, proudly serving as COX Adelaide’s new forever home.

Rooted in the triumvirate of Community, Wellness, and Craft, the design embraces new ways of working, both now and into the future.

Our planning approach was initiated from a desire to foster a connected community – actualising in the creation of flexible and hackable spaces that support both collaboration and moments of individual reflection.

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