Carrickalinga Shed | Architects Ink

The premise was an interpretation of an Australian Federation Farmhouse, sited on a hilltop in Carrickalinga.

With extreme winds, we manipulated the traditional farmhouse, stretching the perimeter to a square, whilst removing the center for the courtyard. With the verandah on the ‘wrong’ side we inverted the roof. This creates a low eave to the protected garden allowing solar gain and solar access.

The apertures were aligned, framing the views of the landscape. Industrial shutters filter the amount of light desired, tuning the house to the seasons. All rooms have dual aspect to both sea and the garden.

Exterior walls and shutters are clad in heritage galvanized corrugated iron, folding over the ridge, and lining the internal valleyed roof. Structural columns were used as downpipes harvesting rainwater.

The dwelling is true to ‘place’, minimising its impact to its landscape and carbon footprint.

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