From the WA State Manager – February 2021

Many of us were labelling schoolbooks and preparing uniforms when yesterday’s announcement about WA’s Hard 5-day Lockdown was made. We have been incredibly lucky to have had minimal restrictions and virtually no social distancing over the past 10 months. Albeit inconvenient, we must remain vigilant to enable the experts to finalise contact tracing and testing during this period and allow us all to get back to ‘normal’ soon.

The WA Chapter will remain closed until further notice, at this stage re-opening scheduled on 8 February. Contract purchases can be made online during this time. If you have urgent queries, please contact the WA Chapter: or +61 8 6324 3100.

At this stage, the upcoming State Election Breakfast is going ahead, with options being implemented for alternative delivery methods and ticket pricing.

Stay safe and happy,

Beata Davey

State Manager – WA