From the CEO

17 August

41X – Level 7 sold
The Institute has sold the final whole vacant floor at 41X. Level 7 was originally retained by the Institute with the intention to lease. However, the organisation has been unable to find a suitable tenant. Given increasing demand from local owner occupiers and investors to secure well-located Melbourne CBD sites, it was determined by National Council that it would be appropriate to sell the floor.

The sale to the Pask Group was achieved through a two-stage EOI process managed by CRBE Group. The purchasers are already part of the 41X community, occupying Level 15. The purchase settles on 28 August.

International Area Committee becomes the International Chapter
At the Special General Meeting held 31 July, the special resolution to amend the Institute’s Articles of Association, as advertised, was passed. The International Area Committee will now take the name of the International Chapter. This change is restricted to name only; administrative and financial aspects effectively remain the same as previous.
This evolution is evidence of the strength of the Institute’s international membership. It is also the result of a sustained period of work by the Committee and hopefully foreshadows a stronger relationship of the international membership with the Institute.

Building Ministers Forum update
Following its meeting on July 31, the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) has responded to industry, stating it shares concerns about the risks posed by potentially non-conforming building products and materials making their way into the Australian building and construction supply chain and the non-compliant use of building products.

A Working Group has been established to report within six months on strategies to minimise the risks associated with failure of building products to conform to relevant laws and regulations and at the point of import. In addition, the ABCB will investigate options for a possible mandatory scheme for high risk building products with life safety implications and report within six months. In addition, the ABCB will consider and report on possible amendments to the National Construction Code (NCC) to require fire sprinkler protection to covered balconies of multi-storey buildings. The BMF also agreed to limit variations to the NCC, noting industry’s concerns about the costs and delays arising from unnecessary and inconsistent local government regulation of building activity.

Short film celebrates members
I am delighted to unveil a wonderful short film that celebrates the diversity and ingenuity of our members.

Thank you to Emma Williamson, Kieran Wong and the team at CODA in Fremantle, Ninotschka Titchkosky and the team at BVN in Sydney, Lucas Hodgens from e+ architecture in Bendigo, Cassie Stronach from Group D Creative in Newcastle and Abdel Soudan from Launceston for your generosity and time. To producers SRH Communications, thank you for your creative brilliance, your time and tenacity and to our membership team for performing feats of coordination in creating the film.

This film is important as it offers a rare glimpse at members going about their day: practicing, brainstorming, working with clients and, like all of us, trying to find some work-life balance. It is a reminder as to why we are drawn to this profession. As I look forward to a new stage in my career, it is our members who make me optimistic about the future of the profession and the Institute.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Kind regards,

David Parken.