Law Society House | BVN

The Queensland Law Society House has been reimagined as a hub for the law community and a contemporary workplace with a transformation of their 1986 Bligh Jessup Brentnall designed Brisbane city premises. The project focuses on promoting engagement and creating memorable spaces for members, employees, and the public.
The vision of Queensland Law Society (QLS) was to provide both a destination for their community to connect and collaborate in a hive of activity by facilitating social and corporate interactions, and a contemporary workplace for the QLS staff to support membership. Key aspects of the strategic reorganisation include: the consolidation of outdated workplace into 2 new levels of contemporary activity based working; a generous top floor suite of members spaces; and the opening up of the ground floor to Ann Street to welcome QLS members, staff and the public with a new series of spaces for interaction and exchange.

UQ Brisbane City | BVN with Architectus Conrad Gargett

The UQ Brisbane City establishes a distinctive, state of the art learning environment through the adaptive reuse of the iconic, state heritage listed Queensland National Bank and its 2008 tower extension. The reimagining of these two parts provides new environments for alumni of the University of Queensland, alongside postgraduate students within the Architecture and Business Schools.

The project sought to honour and highlight the innate gravitas and permanence of the Queensland National Bank, whilst establishing a new layer of character and identity for the University. This is achieved through a series of contemporary, floor based architectural insertions that are rooted in function and delight. The outcome is a highly functional, top tier educational facility that demonstrates how heritage sites can be respectfully adapted for modern use, while still celebrating and preserving their historical significance.

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