VIDA | Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture

VIDA | Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture | Photographer: John Mainwaring

2024 National Architecture Awards Program

VIDA | Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture

Traditional Land Owners
Gubi Gubi




Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Hutchinson Builders
John Mainwaring Garth Hollindale
Project summary

Vida is situated on a hemispherical shaped site within the urban inner ring of the CBD of North Lakes a satellite city north of Brisbane.

Offering an alternative to high rise urban consolidation it is a centrally located low-rise medium density residential enclave of 40 dwellings per hectare.

It is an ‘urban island’ surrounded by urban connector roads, bus station, parks and lakes and consists of 96 town houses with 10 different typologies.

The varying floor plan configurations giving demographic diversity and response to varying context, aspect, orientation, vista opportunities and home office synergies.

The architectural tectonics responds to these considerations. Besides privacy and sun-control, external ‘giant’ perf louvres, colored screens, shade patterning and varying articulation provides visual activation to the streetscape.

Vida is a transit orientated development with a bus interchange immediately adjacent to the SE.

Acoustic attenuation was applied to the town houses affected by the bus location.

The design responds to a wide demographic cross section considering home-work occupation and lifestyle options.

Sustainability included passive cross ventilation and natural light to be included in the design.

Besides acoustic issues there is a 6m fall from north to south across the site.

As a result, many floor plans were developed including a number of sohos.

The project quickly sold out after coming onto the market. Avoiding the snarls of inner-city living purchasers took advantage of the ‘coastal’ environment with reasonable commuting time to Brisbane, the peninsula, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast using rail or the M1.

Project Consultant and Construction Team

ASK Consulting Engineers, Acoustic Consultant
Calibre, Civil Consultant
Dan Staples, Site Foreman
ESCO, ESD Consultant
Michael White, Construction Manager
SJM Hydraulics, Hydraulic Consultant
STA Consulting Engineers, Structural Engineer
VEE Design, Landscape Consultant

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VIDA | Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture | Photographer: John Mainwaring

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