Slattery Melbourne | Elenberg Fraser

Slattery Melbourne | Elenberg Fraser | Photographer: Jack Lovel

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Slattery Melbourne | Elenberg Fraser

Traditional Land Owners


Interior Architecture
Jack Lovel
Project summary

Since its inception, Slattery has grown to become a nationwide advisory firm with a laser-focused future vision. The new workplace supports this strategic evolution, enabling new ways of working and demonstrating values in action.

With the previous office featuring sandy timbers and planting reminiscent of a transition from beach to sand dunes, the new workplace reflects Slattery’s maturity and accomplishments through sophisticated darker timbers, natural stone and soft furnishings.

Wellness was a significant driver of the design, including colour therapy, biophilic principles and circadian lighting.

Various work modes are supported at both team and individual levels. Neighbourhood zones disperse team clusters across the floorplate with meeting/collaboration spaces embedded between. Agile spaces enable choice for learning, focusing, collaborating and socialising tasks.

Rich with landscape, timber and stone, at the heart of the workplace is the Forum, a large breakout area with booths and an amphitheatre to host townhalls, workshops and events.

Victorian Jury Presentation

Our brief was simple: to create a workplace that prioritises our people. It’s warm and welcoming, combining the aesthetics of an art gallery with five-star hotel luxury. The spaces respond to everything our team needs – and some we didn’t know we needed until stepping through the doors.

The central forum elevates client conversations and team catch-ups, while the library, full-service kitchen, meditation room and lounge offer the comforts of home. Material, colours textures and artwork choices bring a playful, joyful atmosphere.

Our office cocoons people in a warm embrace, reminding them of why Slattery is a great place to work.

Project Practice Team

Callum Fraser, Design Team
Emma Nunan, Design Team
Melissa Leung, Design Team
Vicki Karavasil, Design Team

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Atmosphere Design, Lighting & AV Consultant
GenX Group, Project Manager
The Frenchams Group, Indoor planting

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Slattery Melbourne | Elenberg Fraser | Photographer: Jack Lovel

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