OHANA | JUDD.studio

OHANA | JUDD.studio | Photographer: Brett Boardman Photography

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

OHANA | JUDD.studio

Traditional Land Owners
The people of the Yuin Nation

New South Wales

Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Core Building Group (ACT) Pty Ltd
Brett Boardman Photography
Project summary

Ohana, with its 67 apartments, provides nine different floor plan types with one in four apartments being Adaptable. Each dwelling addresses either Beach Road or Herarde Street via large functional balconies that facilitate the coastal lifestyle. The building steps in plan as it relates to Beach Rd and the building both steps and is angled to Herarde Street to both orient toward water views and to create strong architectural rhythms. Apartments are accessed via elevated walkways, sometimes bridging between building massing, there are integrated planters, framed voids and expressed vertical circulation in the form of lift cores and external stairs. This strategy creates a rich architecture on what could be considered a back elevation and supports cross ventilation for secondary bedroom and living spaces, passive surveillance and enhances opportunities for social interaction.

New South Wales Jury Presentation

Ohana represented the injection of a sophisticated apartment community into a tired context, and has lead to a re-imagining of the opportunities offered by the coastal town of Batemans Bay. We were able to provide 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments; a sub penthouse inclusive of 2-beds over 2-storeys and the remarkable 4-bedroom penthouse.

Architecturally, JUDD.studio combined a contemporary coastal character with a vision to enhance the local context; referencing the adjacent breakwall in the buildings base, grounding Ohana in its coastal landscape through variations in the buildings height, undulating and articulated facades, and clear linear fluctuation across the facade.

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OHANA | JUDD.studio | Photographer: Brett Boardman Photography

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