SONA & EmAGN Lean In | Working with Diversity

Following on from the How to Practice Inclusively Lean In prior our session ‘Working with Diversity’ continued the conversation and expanded the discussion. The session heard from Dr Remi Ahyoko from the UQ Business School and from the Diversity Council Australia, Fiona Austin-Webber and Zach Ghirardello..

Fiona and Zach opened the discussion by providing some broad facts and figures on how diversity and inclusive statistics and data are currently in Australia along with an overarching perspective of how current research into the field of diversity and inclusion policies and actions within business are resulting in better staff satisfaction, retention rates and profits. Understanding this research, data and definitions of diversity and inclusion in the frame of individuals and business practices can provide a series of tools that can be related into the practice of architecture.

Dr Remi Ahyoko followed on with a presentation of her research objectives in the areas of conflict management, emotions, leadership, diversity, team work and employee physical work environment and territoriality. Dr Remi took us through a real world scenario to demonstrate the difference that diversity and inclusion has on different leadership styles and outcomes. Citing a number of actions and approaches to management of staff, teams and hiring that show the positive impact a mindset geared towards diversity and inclusion can have.

The session wrapped up with a short question and answer round touching on how we can lead with diversity from all positions within a project and practice team.