Hearing Architecture podcast Season 2 has arrived!

The Institute’s Hearing Architecture podcast is back for a second season, with a variety of expert speakers and guests.

An initiative of the EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network) committees from across the country, the series illustrates the valuable insights architects have when delivering exceptional projects regardless of the location, the size, or the typology of the brief.

Each episode is made up of a collection of short and digestible stories about working in the architecture profession. From learning on the job and heritage conservation to building sustainably and design for fire-prone areas, Season 2 will showcase some of Australian architecture’s biggest challenges and brightest minds.

The Series premiered in February with new episodes released weekly until August 2021. Listen via your favourite podcast app, or our website.

Missed the first few episodes, or want to catch up on Season 1? Listen back here.

Hearing Architecture season 2 Schedule

16 February – Designing for bushfires – Architects in Australia are working to mitigate the devastating effects of bushfires on people and their properties, as this growing seasonal risk impacts our natural landscape. We speak with Katharina Hendel, Kim Irons, and Ian Weir about designing in bushfire areas and what architects can do to provide support for communities before or after being affected by bushfires.

23 February – Designing for bushfires Mini episode with guest Tom Caddaye

2 March – Climate change and architectureThe built environment is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. We’ve known for a long time about these impacts and that the way architects design directly effects how much of an impact buildings have on the environment. We talk to Caroline Pidcock, Jenny Edwards, and Jo Best about how architects are designing differently in the age of climate change.

9 March – Climate change and architecture Mini episode with guest Andrew Walter

16 March – APAF Special: Education – We talk to leading architects and academics about architectural education and the balance of traditional architecture knowledge and contemporary architectural skills,

23 March – APAF Special: Entrepreneur – A discussion with successful architects in the asian pacific region about architectural entrepreneurship and its place in a linear career trajectory.

30 March – Value of architecture – Each profession has a unique skill sets that will influence the focus of the project. But it can be difficult to choose who’s best if you don’t know what each professional will bring to the table. We talk to architects Clare Cousins and John Wardle about the value of architecture.

6 April – Value of architecture Mini episode with guest Nic Brunsdon

13 April – Emerging architects – Experience counts for a lot in a profession like architecture. But right now, some of the best work in architecture is being done by graduates and emerging architects. We talk to Erin Crowden, Monique Woodward, and Warren Haasnoot about how they’re doing so much incredible work when just the normal amount of work can result in very little time at home with family and friends.

20 April – Mini episode with guest Bek Verrier

27 April – Reporting from overseas – It doesn’t matter what school you graduate from in Australia, the skills Australian architects learn are being used in every country and context to achieve great results wherever an architects skills are needed. In this episode we talk to Ann Cleary, Samantha Cotterell, and Gerard Weimouth about the work Australian architects have been doing overseas despite Australia’s continental isolation.

4 May Reporting from overseas  – Mini episode with guest Tom Dufficy

11 May – Learning architecture – Students who study the courses that align with their own individual interests seem to have a more positive experience studying architecture. In this episode we’re talking to Kyle Sinko, Yoana Doleva, and Bobbie Bayley about how they’ve approached their architectural education and what they’ve done to get the most out of their learning experience.

18 May Learning architecture – Mini episode with guest Keefer Dunn

25 May – Novation – Novation contracts are some of the most discussed design and construct contracts in the market and while there are some risks to quality, a lot of architects say when these risks are managed correctly, there’s less to worry about than first thought. We talk to Nick Lorenz, Sean McGivern, and Tom Heneker about the advantages and risk management required when working with Novation Contracts.

1 June – Novation Mini episode with guest Jeremy Schluter

8 June – Architecture and media – As we get more comfortable in a physical distancing world, our reliance on being able to communicate via different forms of media is going to continue to evolve as we learn to connect with a more diverse audience in the public. We talk to Gemma Savio, Fernando Jerez, and Amelia Lee about how architects are engaging with an array of media to promote the profession, win commissions, and engage with clients.

15 June – Architecture and media Mini episode with guest Sarah Lebner

22 June – Heritage and culture – While it might seem like some of the most clinical, prescriptive, or old fashioned architecture work, working on heritage and conservation projects can connect with some of the strongest collective emotions in a community. In this episode we talk to Susan Philips, Eric Martin, and Sophie Bence about working on heritage projects and the place for conservation in the community.

29 June – Heritage and culture Mini episode with guest Georgia Birks

6 July – Leading with technology – Technology is present in nearly every aspect of architectural practice, weather it be digital sketches, building information modelling, or even simply keeping timesheets. As the tools fabricators and manufacturers use continue to evolve, the architecture profession will continue to evolve with it. We talk to Glenda Caldwell, Roland Snooks, and Todd Hislop about the technology pushing new methods of fabrications, design, and creative practice as a whole.

13 July – Leading with technology Mini episode with guest Melanie Binks

20 July – Specifying and responsibility – Every new building is made up of lots of products that someone chose throughout the design process. Not only do these products need to perform well to protect us, but where they came from and the way they were made also has a knock on effect. We talk to Andrew Geeves, Clare Kennedy, and David Shultis about the importance of designing responsibly and how specifying even the simplest products can have a huge impact.

27 July – Specifying and responsibility Mini episode with guest Dr Josephine Vaughn

3 August – Aged care design – We don’t often think about it but where do you think you’ll live after you turn 70? Aged care design considers peoples connection to their community, allows for physical limitations, and also helps express peoples individual characters when their memories need a helping hand. We talk to Y E Ng, James Thompson, and Ana Nolasco about senior living design and how aged care impacts the buildings many of us will live in after our retirement.

10 August – Aged care design Mini episode with guest Stephen Geason

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