Access and Eligibility – Queensland State Government Stimulus

a message from the queensland chapter president

Based on recent discussions between myself, Paul Jones (Chapter Councillor) and the Office of the Queensland Government Architect, we have been able to collate the following information which may assist members looking to tap into the recently announced State Government Stimulus.

We know from the Regional Architecture Awards program that local knowledge is critical to the very best outcomes.  In addition many projects have specific requirements for local architects and/or local inputs. 

When considering any work in the regions it would be of benefit to our clients, the public realm and yourself as the proponent for any submission to consider how local knowledge and local content is included in your submissions and your work.

The State Government has recently confirmed a $200M stimulus fund in support of regional development.

This funding is largely based around shovel ready construction projects, however there also appears to be room for ‘planning projects’ which will require an element of design.  We would encourage members to build on existing relationships, to contact LGAQ and/or local councils themselves and discuss how it is that architects might be able to help.  In addition there are a number of departmental links which advise on process and existing project tenders which may assist.

The Q-Tenders website will provide members insights into existing opportunities.

In addition members should be aware that Prequalification (PQC) processes will assist their eligibility for further government work.

Government departments use the PQC system to source building industry consultants where the consultancy fee is either greater than $60,000 or any amount with a service risk rating of 3 or 4.

On the Business Queensland website there is further information including who can apply, application forms, and other resources and guidelines.

Finally it is worth noting that registration with QBuild may also be required should they be the group managing the procurement of services.

QBuild is the leading provider of construction and strategic building maintenance services for Queensland Government.