St.LukesHealth Flagship Store | TERROIR

The best intentions of organisations can be betrayed by the banality of their key public interactions in their customer service centre. This critical opportunity to choreograph a set of relations with customers is often blighted by a fitout that is as unsustainable as they are uninspiring.

StLukesHealth are an extraordinary organisation, one that prides themselves on being uniquely Tasmanian with an ambitious vision for Tasmania to become the healthiest island in the world.

This dual sense – distinctly Tasmanian but also healthy, safe and well–nurtured – led to the concept for their new flagship store to be a gathering space formed by a giant tree hollow. Blackheart Sassafras, a most unique and recognisable Tasmanian timber, and a ‘hollow’, a natural form of refuge in our forests. A meeting point between StLukesHealth and their community, the hollow inspires imagination and talks to a healthier and poetic connection to our island state.

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