Transport Access Program – Tranche 3 | Transport for NSW Urban Design (Public Transport & Precincts)

The Transport Access Program (TAP 3) is a 10–year, billion –dollar project of station precinct upgrades across NSW. Design managed by Transport for NSW’s Urban Design Team, the program goes beyond accessibility compliance to deliver bespoke, safe, pedestrian–friendly environments in complex urban neighbourhoods, regional towns, and heritage settings.

The TAP 3 program challenges traditional thinking, bringing an architectural and urban design–led process to one of the most heavily regulated sectors within the built environment. The program spans 54 station precincts across city, intercity and regional networks.

It has delivered valuable place benefits that could easily have been abandoned in favour of cost and compliance. Improved access comes hand in hand with urban heat mitigation, Aboriginal and heritage interpretation, intuitive way finding and reduced visual clutter. By championing strong contextual public domain principles from the beginning, these station upgrades move beyond standardisation and repetition to positively contribute to the communities they serve.

Royal National Park Amenities | Breakspear Architects

Established in 1879, The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park globally and is a place of natural splendour with rich cultural and environmental significance. The Dharawal people, the original custodians of this land, have left an indelible cultural legacy with numerous sacred sites throughout the landscape.

The Audley picnic area, situated at the confluence of the Hacking River and Kangaroo Creek within the Royal National Park, underwent enhancements by Breakspear architects in collaboration with NPWS. Aiming to improve amenities, pathways, and landscaping on two riverbank sites, the project showcased a unique blend of new architecture, heritage restoration, landscaping, and civil works, all within a modest $1.25M budget. Despite its relatively small size, the project was complex. A strategic approach focused on an efficient structure, simple materiality, and a single impactful gesture, ensuring effective cost management and a transformative impact across the significant site.

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