Barton Street Residence | Chalmers Partners Architects

With a growing family, the need for space led to a transformation into an inward facing courtyard house. Inspired by a connection to Japan, the design sought to blend Japanese tradition with practicality. While Brisbane differs greatly from Tokyo, the idea of an insular sanctuary resonated, emphasizing control within one’s property. The house creatively integrates traditional Japanese elements like roofs, shoji screens, tatami, and engawa, adapting them to subtropical living. Despite limited frontage, the design features an internal deck and lower courtyard. The interplay of light, spatial transitions, and visual connections, reminiscent of shoji and fusama, defines the architecture. The use of brick replicates the textural experience of tatami, showcasing clever integration with sub-tropical Queensland architecture. The project successfully delivers a bespoke solution aligned with the family’s evolving needs.

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