Platform House | Walknorth Architects

Platform House | Walknorth Architects | Photographer: Simon Whitbread

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Platform House | Walknorth Architects

Traditional Land Owners

New South Wales

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions)
Beach Houses Australia
Simon Whitbread
Project summary

This project is situated on a sloping, north facing site on Sydneys’ Northern Beaches with a long northern view of the coastline. The existing two storey home had no relationship to the ground and minimal openings towards this northern aspect.

We conceived the existing house as a rock shelf and the addition as a bridge that spanned from this shelf across to the rear yard, providing occupants with a flat viewing platform and a level garden accessed directly from the living areas. This garden was flanked by a concrete pool built above the ground at the southern end retaining garden as the backdrop.

Practically, the existing pitched roof was removed and a large terrace created by ‘capping’ the house with a concrete slab. A new living area was constructed as a long space stretching out towards the view which has been dramitcally opened through the removal of the existing roof.

New South Wales Jury Presentation

Being from the Northern Beaches work has taken us out of the area for a number of years to different cities. Returning to Sydney to live again, this house feels not only like a new beginning but a completely new way of engaging with the landscape, which is so familiar to us. We are a family of four and this house has brought us together in many different ways, made us feel more active and connected. Jaya, Sacha and Tom Hicks and his team have give us a truely joyful place to live and we are forever grateful.

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Platform House | Walknorth Architects | Photographer: Simon Whitbread

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