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Design Gallery | Feather & Lawry Design | Photographer: Cam Murchison

2023 National Architecture Awards Program

Design Gallery | Feather & Lawry Design

Traditional Land Owners
The Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair people



Darling Downs and West Moreton

Interior Architecture
FKG Group
Cam Murchison
Project summary

An existing sawtooth roof industrial workshop has been converted into a contemporary open plan architecture and interior design office with an entry art gallery and reception space. The design embraces the industrial framework and materials delivering a calm considered retreat. The varying uses are carefully demarcated whilst maintaining the generous volumes and sense of openness to all the spaces.

The central structural steel trusses and axis are highlighted as the circulation spine with the original concrete polished to form a runway embracing the age and natural weathering. An office pod and meeting room forms a threshold between the gallery and open plan office beyond managing sight lines whilst providing a glimpse into the courtyard space beyond. White plasterboard offsets the original brick with dark intimate joinery forming private refuge spaces.

The project has successfully maximised our usage of the available space while taking full advantage of the buildings volume and natural light. It has created a series of zones for different uses (art, meeting & production) while allowing flexibility for events and gatherings.

Project Practice Team

Alex Eckersley, Lead Designer
Angel Shaw, Graduate of Architecture
Dominique Koronui, Interior Designer
Emma Calvert, Interior Designer
Katie Radunz, Interior Designer
Michael Fleming, Design Architect
Michelle Poole, Gallery Coordinator
Russell Peters, Project Architect
Samantha Black, Building Designer / CAD Manager / BIM Manager
Tess Lawry, Interior Designer

Project Consultant and Construction Team

Diametric Engineers, Services Consultant
Kehoe Myers, Structural Engineer

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Design Gallery | Feather & Lawry Design | Photographer: Cam Murchison

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