Redlands Satellite Hospital | Fulton Trotter Architects with Architectus Conrad Gargett

Fulton Trotter Architects provided design and documentation services for the Queensland Satellite Hospital Program which saw the delivery of Redlands Satellite Hospital, a major healthcare facility within the south-east Queensland for Queensland Health. The project had a fixed project budget, fast tracked program, and required comprehensive consultation with a large number of stakeholders. The facilities offer minor injuries and illness care, as well as medical day, cancer care and outpatient services.

Guiding design principles were implemented to create a healthcare facility that is an accessible community space, with an emphasis on wayfinding and user wellbeing. These principles considered the journey from street to clinic and connections between inside and outside. The design features include bringing external materials inside, corridors with views to landscape, high-level windows, and courtyards encouraging daylight and views to deep within the plan.

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