Karen’s Place | Studio Dot

‘Karen’s Place’ is a project born from the client’s desire to leave a legacy for her children. In its more recent years, the circa 1885-1886 terrace endured an earthquake, a rebuild and the raising of two young boys. With her sons now adults, the client sought to remove the existing rear two-storey wing which, due to a poorly executed reconstruction after the 1989 earthquake, was damp, dark, mouldy and in need of light and ventilation. The new addition constructed on the same footprint reused 10,000 salvaged bricks (from demolition) and afforded the client a new kitchen, dining space, bedroom and bathroom/laundry. An additional outdoor bathroom and storage space services sandy family and friends returning from the beach. A strong connection to garden spaces has been established and thermal mass, highly insulated building envelope and double-glazed timber windows create a comfortable and healthy space for the client to enjoy.

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