Masterclass: Indigenous Ecosystem Corridors and Nodes

This innovative two-part online course explores the proposition of introducing Indigenous Ecosystem Corridors and Nodes into urban developments, with an aim of mitigating and combatting the ecological damage inflicted upon the earth by millennia of human settlement and population growth. This program will unpack the benefits and challenges attendant to this enterprise, with contributions from a range of scholars and leading practitioners.

Anatomy of a Leak

Using a real case study of a large apartment complex, Presenter Ross Taylor will show how the leaks originate well before the waterproofer turns up with a bucket of goo and a 20-year warranty. The second half of the seminar will be devoted to workshopping the analysis of an actual high rise apartment design. Ross will provide insights into the key issues to look for in defect prevention and the documentation necessary to manage your practices’ risk.

Designing to heal

In this presentation, Jenny Donovan explores how architects can best help communities recover from disasters, how it is different to normal circumstances and the personal qualities required to truly make a difference.

This session is part of the Institute’s response to the unprecedented bush fires of 2019/2020. It is also applicable to other situations, disasters or extreme events causing trauma.

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