Queensland 2024 President’s Honours Dinner Photos

Brisbane architect Russell Hall has taken on the role of Chapter President of the Australian Institute of Architects Queensland Chapter.

Mr Hall said it was an honour to take up the position to advocate for the architecture profession and the built environment of the state.
“I am delighted with the opportunity the position has, to confer with Governments on regulations and by-laws in the hope of a more climatically appropriate built environment for our state.

The anonymous nature of recent buildings from the arctic to the tropics enabled by energy consumption is an anathema to me. It eliminates place identity.”

“Well-designed homes and buildings use less energy, are healthier and are better for people. That’s why architecture is so important.”

The official handover was marked last Friday night at the annual President’s Honours Dinner, which also honoured the dedication and excellence of the local architecture profession.

“It has been an honour to lead the Queensland Chapter of the Institute,” Ms Degenhart said.

“We have embraced the challenges of policy, especially for more social and affordable, and advocated for greater opportunities for architects to support effective design and place-making across communities.

“I am excited for Russell to take the reins and lead the Institute into 2025. Thank you to everyone from the Institute and our members for their support throughout my year as Chapter President.”

Six Queensland architects were inducted as Life Fellows of the Institute for their notable contribution and positive impact on the local built environment.

They were Deicke Richards’ directors Eloise Atkinson, John Deicke, and Peter Richards, Adjunct Professor of Design and Jim Gall Architects’ Jim Gall, former Peddle Thorp executive Ron Burgess, and James (Jim) Crawshaw who had a long association with architectural education.

Ms Degenhart said it was a privilege to champion the efforts of these industry legends, who had supported the profession through the work in design, construction, literature, education or public service.

“The vibrant Queensland architecture we see around us now has been built on the foundations forged by these professionals, who have shaped our cities and regions,” she said.

The event also elevated 15 members as Fellows of the Institute. They were: Alexandra (Ali) Farmer, Andrew Masters, Anna O’Gorman, Brendan Gaffney, Brett Hudson, Caroline Diesner, Gregort Adsett, Ivano Gestaldon, James Davidson, Karen Ognibene, Lea Lennon, Luke Pendergast, Paul Jones, Phil Smith, Richard Rizzalli and Shy Tay.

Queensland State Manager Anna Svensdotter said these individuals were among the most experienced practitioners in the architectural profession.

“Congratulations to all our Fellows and Life Fellows for these honours,” she said. “Their distinguished efforts and commitment have benefitted our profession and our communities.”

Former Queensland Department of Housing disability principal policy officer Margaret Ward AO will also be named as an Honorary Fellow for her service to the building industry.

The President’s Dinner also presented the $15,000 travel grant, the Philip Y Bisset Planning (architecture) Scholarship and the $20,000 Asia-Pacific study Dunbar Fellowship. 

The President’s Prize recipients for 2024 were Lindy Johnson, Brisbane Open House and Bond University.

Please enjoy the images below taken by Wildkinds Studio showcasing the wonderful evening of the 2024 President’s Honours event.

Thank you to our much appreciated supporters for this event, Fielders Lysaght.

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