Designers for Diversity SA – First Nations Engagement

The Designers for Diversity committee are excited to return in the New Year to continue the work we have started. You might have noticed we have added a new focus this year, First Nations Engagement. Our intention is to provide a program of sessions that will increase our cultural awareness as designers and look at examples of effective engagement.

 Our intention is to ultimately cover all aspects of diversity that should be integrated into our work as designers.

In 2019 Designers for Diversity (DfD) called for interested practices to take up the challenge to reflect and respond to a series of questions relating to the diversity of their workforce, in relation to gender, age, flexible working arrangements as well as other themes.

The aim was to set a base point for each practice to start from and to measure positive changes in various areas that would collectively improve through learning from each other and the ways in which we work as designers. We shared two surveys allowing us to gather some data, the first step on our journey towards true diversity in our profession.

The future surveys are being modified to include issues that are perhaps more relevant today, marking how the pandemic has influenced how we practice in our design fields. They will also include themes such as negotiation, leadership, mentoring and registration. To support the surveys, we will be using the DfD platform to plan some events that give opportunity for conversation and engaging with the Institute’s Community platform.

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Image: The University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute | Swanbury Penglase with BVN | Photographer: Peter Barnes