Wingara Mura Design Principles

Walanga Wingara Mura Design Principles (Walanga Design Principles) is a document published by the University of Sydney. The purpose of the Walanga Design Principles is to provide guidance on how to incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, world views and practices into the University. The document serves as a guide to those who are involved in realising the University’s aspirations in physical design, as well as in scholarship.

Ngarara Place, RMIT University

Ngarara Place is an addition to the cultural and campus life of RMIT University. The purpose of the built project was to establish visible presence and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and histories as connected among the lands of the Kulin Nation. The building design and landscape were influenced by Country, with culture reflected through motifs and contemporary art.

MAAS Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol

This document is the Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Protocol for The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS). The MAAS encounter a broad range of Indigenous Cultural Material, including within their own collection. The main purpose of the document is to recognise Indigenous peoples’ rights surrounding their cultural heritage (ICIP) and to detail the principles that guide how MAAS engages with Indigenous peoples.

East Pilbara Arts Centre

East Pilbara Arts Centre is a built project for the community of Newman. Completed in 2016, the site has become an important cultural facility featuring a new art gallery and community spaces. The designs of the building worked with Country, considering the environment and utilising found objects.

Casino Aboriginal Medical Service

The Casino Aboriginal Medical Service is a built project completed in 2016. The project aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities by constructing a public medical service building. The project created a social hub with medical services for the community that responds to culture and Country.

Aboriginal Cultural Competency Standards: Self-assessment process for community housing providers

This document was produced by Origin Communications Australia and published in 2016. It was developed for the Community Housing sector, the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services as part of the Community Housing for Aboriginal People Strategy. It outlines the Self-Assessment Process for Community Housing Providers to follow regarding Aboriginal Cultural Literacy Standards.

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