Connecting with Country Framework

Connecting with Country is a framework for developing connections with Country to inform the planning, design, and delivery of built environment projects in NSW. The document has been written by and with Aboriginal experts in spatial design in collaboration with Government Architects NSW staff. It is an evolving document reflecting an increasing body of knowledge and practice.

Cultural Principles and Protocols for Designers: for projects or curricula involving Indigenous peoples, communities and materials

A written document with cultural principles and protocols for designers, architects and planners, and those working in related industries proposing to work with Indigenous peoples and communities. These are also relevant for academic design staff intending to incorporate Indigenous cultural content into their curricula. This document was originally published in 2017 and republished in 2021.

Walanga Wingara Mura Design Principles

A written document published by the University of Sydney. The document informs how institutions belong to Country and how they should approach designing and building on Country by outlining the principles three directives: Engaged Enquiry, Community of Practice and Mutual Accountability.

South Eveleigh Native Rooftop Farm

This garden was co-designed by members of the Local Indigenous Community. The space features diverse plants with focus on Sydney Region species and reinvigoration of cultural cultivation practices. The built project also creates habitat for both people and wildlife.

Shaping Country

A written research report about cultural engagement in Australia’s built environment. The report focuses on adapting the way processes are used to design built environments to include community, culture and Country.

Guruwaal (Alumni Green), University of New South Wales

Guruwaal 2021 is a community led art installation in the Alumni Green of University of New South Wales. The artwork was designed and led by local Aboriginal Knowledge Holders and Custodians. The artwork draws upon the narratives, histories and language of the local Aboriginal community and is connected to the knowledges of place and the deep histories of Country that are embedded within the community.

Tweed Shire Council Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan

This written document is the Tweed Shire Council Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan. It includes an acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians and a Statement of Commitment to people, culture and Country. The document also includes a breakdown of the Aboriginal Heritage Management aims, plans, recommendations and community consultation.

Planning Connects 2019: Designing with Country

Planning Connects is a video recorded webinar from 2019 that explores Designing with Country. The presenters are Principal Architect for GNSW Dillon Kombumerri and Spatial Designer Daniele Hromek.

Aboriginal Cultural Values: An Approach for Engaging with Country

A document providing an approach for engaging with Country, community and culture, as part of planning, design and environmental management disciplines. Included is an overview of a process for developing a masterplan framework for caring for Country. This written document is directed towards planners, environmental managers, architects, designers, engineers, public servants, developers and decisionmakers who are directly affecting Country through their work.

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