A Specifiers Guide to Commercial Glazed Facade Systems

Selecting and specifying the most appropriate Glazed Façade Systems can play a crucial role in the success of your building. Glazed Facades are critical building elements in terms of aesthetics and performance. However, there are many key considerations when selecting materials, including, supply chains, availability and installation methods.
– Alspec

Low-E Glass & Section J

NCC2019 and what the changes mean for commercial glazing compliance. How Low-E coatings are manufactured and how they work.
– Guardian Glass

Understanding & Managing Reflection

What causes reflection. How do we use reflection to enhance aesthetic. How do we reduce reflection and make glass seem invisible.
– Guardian Glass

Glass Solutions of the Future

Examine exciting new innovative glass solutions. Built-in photovoltaics, switchable facades and more…
– Guardian Glass

Glass Sustainability

Tools to measure sustainability credentials. How glass manufacturers have made significant improvements into the efficiency of glass.
– Guardian Glass

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