Onesurf Residence | Blueprint Architects pty ltd

Conceptualised as a robust beach shack, the built form of Onesurf Residence was designed to have sense of strength to combat the harsh oceanfront environment, be enduring, be connected to its place and age beyond the lifespan of neighbouring contemporary structures.
The residential program is based around a private internal quadrangle with its edges occupied to take advantage of the site’s beachfront location. Open ocean views are predominantly to the east and south–east, with a view of Surfers Paradise at the beachfront. Locating the rooms at the edges allows the internal court to connect with outlooks while taking advantage of breezes and has resulted in the home preserving a strong relationship with its surroundings. Brick veils, timber casements and a half level difference to frontages affords the occupants of the house internal privacy whilst maintaining a strong sense of connectivity and permeability with the public domain.

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